The range of Lofrans capstans is designed for boats from 18 up to 150 feet. Capstans are normally installed on the stern of the boat for mooring operations and are used in recreational, fishing and commercial vessels.

They are normally installed on the vessel in addition to the anchor windlass, with the number of capstan units depending on the length and displacement of the vessel.

They are controlled by a pair of the foot switches close to the capstan, so that the operator can have his/her hands free for rope handling.

The construction is very similar to our vertical windlass range using the same mechanical components, giving strength and high performance by relying on Lofrans’- made worm screw gearbox.

The base is manufactured using chromed bronze, strong and long lasting, as are the drums, which have the proper surface to hold the rope and minimize wear.

The ST range has a base & a drum made in mirror polished AISI 316L stainless steel. The main structure of the gearbox is of a strong single-block construction, same as our big vertical anchor windlasses.

Available to operate with 12V DC, 24V DC as well as AC or hydraulic motors for the larger size/higher power models, they are designed to meet a wide range of user requirements.