Bow and Stern Thrusters

Indispensable equipment for easy mooring.

Why do you need thrusters?

The thruster is designed to improve boat maneuverability, accelerate maneuver and increase safety. As a rule, three types of thrusters are installed on boats or yachts – tunnel, external mounting and retractable.

External mounting thrusters.

External mounting thrusters are almost always installed on the boat using a bracket, therefore they have a power limit, and are usually installed on small boats and yachts. In addition, some external mounting thrusters create additional resistance to the hull of the boat, which also does not add to their popularity.

Retractable thrusters.

Retractable thrusters are used much less frequently than tunnel thrusters. This is due to the significantly higher cost of both the steering device itself and the installation and further maintenance work. In fact, these are the same tunnel thrusters, but with additional mechanisms that allow them to leave the hull of the boat and hide after use.

Tunnel thrusters.

Tunnel thrusters are used in most cases. This is the most reliable type of thrusters, and at the same time the most inexpensive. It is for these qualities that modern manufacturers of yachts and boats in most cases install this type of thrusters at the factory.

Tunnel thrusters are installed in the bow or stern of the boat inside the tunnel. A tunnel is essentially a pipe that can be made of plastic, aluminum or steel, depending on the material of the boat’s hull. Such a pipe is installed in the bow or stern of the boat, perpendicular to the axis of the hull of the boat, below the waterline. Inside the tunnel, in the middle, is a propeller that can rotate in both directions. Depending on the length and type of boat, the tunnel thrusters can be equipped with an electric or hydraulic motor. Rotating at a certain speed, the propeller creates a very strong flow of water. This flow of water leaving the tunnel collides and rests against the water that is around the tunnel, thus pushing the bow or stern of the boat in the opposite direction.

The world – famous company Max Power manufactures a series of bow and stern tunnel thrusters for all types of boats from 18 ’to 140’ in length. Powerful, but at the same time light and compact electric and hydraulic tunnel thrusters for 12 or 24 volts and with a capacity of 25 kg/f to 550 kg/f.

A huge number of companies – manufacturers of boats and yachts opted for innovative Max Power thrusters. This is a conscious choice of professionals and recognition of the highest quality standards.

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