Lofrans WindLasses

In Lofrans we look at the quality in two directions:
• The quality that comes from the perception of the product by the end user, which has pushed us to design and build an attractive product.
• The quality in terms of engineering reliability and performance, which lead us to conceive and create a product able to withstand the extreme marine conditions and yet would be simple to install, operate and maintain.

Always at the cutting edge of technique in electro-mechanics, Lofrans was often a pioneer and created solutions which have now become standard. We were the first to introduce to the market products and solutions, such as the AUTOMATIC FREE FALL, the CONTROL BOX, and last but not least, the PROJECT versions of our X range, a last generation “PLUG&PLAY” anchor windlass, with a built-in solenoid motor and rich of other innovations, which have succeeded in merging technology and function to give the end user the maximum reliability and safety.