Maintenance Services For Pleasure Yachts And Boats In Greece.

Our first priority is to ensure that your yacht or boat is always ready for a new journey. The specialists in our team combine vast experience in service and knowledge of advanced technologies in yacht building.

And this in-depth knowledge of our craft allows us to provide outstanding repair and maintenance services for your beautiful yacht or boat.

Gaelix Marine Service provides professional maintenance, repair and installation of new equipment on yachts and boats. Customer requests range from the supply of simple products to the purchase and installation of all complex equipment.

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Luxury Yachts And Boats Services In Athens, Greece.

Our vast experience in working with pleasure boats of all sizes, combined with a commitment to customer satisfaction, ensures that your magnificent yacht remains in excellent technical condition and is ready for your next adventure.

From thorough inspections and routine servicing to professional yacht repairs, painting and refinishing, our team will take care of every aspect of your luxury yacht.

Let Us Take Care Of All The Technical Stuff While You Brainstorm Waypoints For Your Next Adventure.

Believe me, you will not be disappointed in your expectations. You will receive the highest quality and timely repair services for your yacht, and we guarantee that your beautiful boat will remain immaculate.

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Minor And Major Mechanical And Electrical Work On Yachts And Boats.

Our multi-system approach to service provides a 100% solution to any problem boat owners may encounter. Efficient and cost-effective approaches to maintaining new and used vessels to suit your unique needs. We will save your time and your investment.

We are committed to providing superior mechanical, electrical, repair and maintenance services for fiberglass and wood products, ensuring maximum durability.

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Pleasure Yachts & Boats Maintenance Services We Offer.

Our comprehensive range of pleasure yacht and boat maintenance services are designed to ensure the functionality of your yacht and preserve your investment.

Our repair services for pleasure yachts and boats include:


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Vintage and Classic Boats Restoration.

We restore classic boats from precious wood.

Deep restoration classic boats with mahogany deck and furniture.







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