Hellas, Sea Guide, ”Northern Aegean Sea”

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“Lalizas offers you pilot maps, guides, and other such as Regulations slide rules, published by N. D. Elias. All articles included in this range have useful information for the navigation, and the ports in Greece. They are unique in the market because all the information provided, such as instructions of land approach, dangerous locations, and many more (excluding pilot maps), have been collected and verified with on the spot research by the publishers themselves, and not taken by third parties or organizations. Another feature, not found in other similar publications in the market, is the fact that the pilot maps, and the photos are all in colour and not black and white, allowing you to read them easily.

Sea Guides
These Sea Guides provide you with all the information that one may need on board a boat. They include pilot maps, detailed data on ports, gulfs and all possible anchorage locations. Furthermore, they feature information on the winds in the respective area, as well as information on food, entertainment, and sleep. The Sea Guides are made of reinforced paper, hand-binded, so that they last longer without being worn out or torn apart. They are available in 4 editions, covering all the seas in Greece.”


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