Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 EVO Tiller Shortshaft

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The SPIRIT 1.0 EVO electric outboard from ePropulsion delivers the equivalent to approx. 3 HP, making it perfect for dinghies, RIBs and sailboats up to 1.5 tons. The special feature of the EVO is the recuperation – on the sailboat, the engine can generate electricity while driving. Extremely low-maintenance..

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Introducing Spirit 1.0 EVO Tiller Shortshaft.

The SPIRIT 1.0 EVO electric outboard from ePropulsion delivers the equivalent to approx. 3 HP, making it perfect for dinghies, RIBs and sailboats up to 1.5 tons. The special feature of the EVO is the recuperation – on the sailboat, the engine can generate electricity while driving. Extremely low-maintenance.

Scope of delivery ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 EVO

The price includes motor, battery and charger.

A control is included in the price. You have the choice between the EVO tiller and the EVO remote control..

A side throttle with display or a dual remote throttle are available at extra cost.

The EVO-lution – Changes at a glance

BeispieThe new Spirit 1.0 EVO is the new premium model from ePropulsion. The production of the original Spirit is now finally discontinued.

All new EVO models have recuperation function and can be connected to the new security bracelet.

The Spirit EVO electric motor also has a larger folding angle than the Spirit or the Spirit PLUS.

The Spirit EVO electric outboard can be operated with the EVO remote control or also with the EVO tiller.

The EVO tiller is removable and has a backlit display.

Spirit 1.0 EVO electric motor – safe and flexible


Floating battery cannot sink and floats on top!

Housing and plug connection are watertight according to IP 67.

Battery alarm: An acoustic warning signal informs you of low battery status.

Emergency stop magnetic chip – when removed, the electric motor stops immediately.

Integrated LCD display provides accurate battery and runtime information.

Comfortable operation of the Spirit 1.0 EVO electric motor


Stepless regulation of the speed.

Extensive accessories and charging technology.

The control is possible forwards and backwards thanks to the comfortable handle.

Integrated and removable battery with a comfortable carrying handle and foldable tiller for easy transport.

Maximum stability through a patented mounting system.

Installation is simple and uncomplicated, without tools, by hand at the rear.

Integrated recuperation technology

The EVO series features an integrated recuperation feature (energy recovery).

This innovative technology means the outboard recharges the battery under sail. At a speed of 3-10 kn, the power regeneration system can recharge the battery.

Above 10 knots, the motor switches to protection mode and charging power does not increase further.

* Recuperation data is based on real tests with the anti-ventilation plate installed.



At the core of Spirit 1.0 EVO electric outboard motor, it’s a 1kW BLDC motor, equivalent to 3HP.

Speed and range*


  Power (W) Speed (mph / kph)Runtime (hh:mm)Range (mile / km)
           35               2.2 / 3.5                36:25             80 / 129
           65               2.7 / 4.3                19:35             53 / 85.3
          125              3.5 / 5.6                10:00             35 / 56
          250              4.4 / 7.1                  5:00             22 / 35.5
          500             5.3 / 8.5                  2:30          13.3 / 21.3
          750             5.7 / 9.2                  1:40            9.5 / 15.3
         1000             6.2 / 10                  1:15            7.8 / 12.5


* The performance data is based on a 12-foot (3.6 m) aluminum boat with one person and one Spirit battery Plus in calm lake water. The actual speed, range and running time may vary because of different boats, load, weather, etc.


Digital Operation

Electric outboard motors are easy to operate and keep you informed of operation status.

Digital Display

You have access to real-time power, remaining runtime, battery level, operating voltage, etc.

Electric Start

Press one button and you’re ready to go. No more tiring pull cord start.

Magnetic Kill Switch

Stop the motor in an emergency and keep you safe.

Stepless throttle changing

The throttle hand feel is clear, smooth and enjoyable.

Max Power Output Adjustment

With a smaller full throttle power, it’s safer for kids and rental boat.

Ambidextrous Operation

Turning throttle easily either from the left-hand or right-hand side.



Quick comparisonSpirit 1.0 Plus outboardSpirit 1.0 Evo with tillerSpirit 1.0 Evo + remote control
Power1 kWh
Equivalent power3 hp
Integrated battery capacity1276 Wh
Control systemIntegrated tillerEvo TillerEvo options:
Remote control wireless
Side mount
Dual mount remote control
Motor Weight
– Extra short
– Short
– Long
includes Evo Tiller
Includes remote kit
Shaft length:
– Extra short
– Short
– Long
Trim / tilt anglemanual, 0°, 7°, 14°, 21°
Propeller11″ × 5.8″ 2-blade composite propeller
Battery capacity1276 Wh
Battery weight8.7 kg
Battery life500 cycles at 80% DoD
Hydro generation rechargingN/AYesYes
Solar, mains & 12 v rechargingYes
Direct driveYes
Motor control methodField oriented control
Cooling – motor & control unitsNatural cooling
Max overall efficiency55%
Rated voltage45.6v
Input voltage39 V – 60 V
Rated RPM – propeller speed1200 rpm
Gear ratioN / A
Static thrust316 N / 71 lbs
3rd party battery compatibleYes



ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 EVO – Technical features

Lifelong maintenance-free.

Available in 3 different shaft lengths (extra short shaft, short shaft and long shaft).

Thanks to the high efficiency of the high-quality brushless DC motor, the motor achieves an overall efficiency of 50%.

Very low noise – under 60dB! The electric motor is therefore significantly quieter than combustion engines.

Low weight – 10,4 kg only the motor and 8,8 kg for the battery.

The powerful lithium-polymer battery ensures a long-range.

Very modern and sporty design, distinguished with a design award.

Additional information

Weight20 kg


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Technical Drawing: Spirit 1.0 EVO


User Manual: Spirit 1.0 EVO


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