Electric Tunnel Thruster CT 45-12V, Thrust-39kg, Tunnel-Ø125mm

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Max Power Electric Tunnel Thruster CT 45 is ideal for motor boats and deep footed sailing yachts ranging from 22’-36′. Manufactured using composite materials, the CT 45 has a 125mm diameter tunnel.

As small and compact as the CT 35, the CT 45 benefits from an increased thrust rating up to 39/88 (kg/lbs) thanks to its twin propellers.

Easy to install and maintenance free, this model integrates all the unique features common to Max Power’s electric tunnel thrusters.

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Max Power Electric Tunnel Thruster CT 45 is a two-screw thruster with a 125 mm diameter tunnel made of composite materials. Max Power Electric Tunnel Thruster CT 45 as small as the Max Power CT 35 but gains performance by increasing jet thrust to 39 kgf (88 lb) and using a two-screw circuit ideal for motorboats and sailing yachts from 22 to 34 feet long.

Like all Max Power electric tunnel thrusters, CT 45 is simple to install, requires no maintenance and combines all the distinctive features of this series:

  • Patented composite reduction gear case.
  • Reinforced trochoidal reduction gear.
  • It does not require anode protection on the reduction gear.
  • The reducer is hermetically sealed and filled with oil. It does not require the oil to be replaced during the service life.
  • Specially designed high-performance DC engines provide maximum performance over the service life.
  • Solid copper contact tyres guarantee a safe and reliable connection.
  • Electronic control unit offers high operating stability and unrivalled security.

The engines are designed to operate at 10.75 V on 12 V units. Higher voltages will lead to higher thrust values, higher energy consumption and reduced operating time. Performance data are given within ~6% for thrusters installed following the instruction. Using longer tunnels than recommended for installation will reduce nominal thrust and increase energy consumption.

31760312V39kg/88lbs23.2kw/4.3hp9.7 kg

A – 190mm,  B – 140mm,  C – 210mm,  D – 125mm,  E – 4 – 5mm.

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