Solar Panels

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Looking to turn your ship roof into a mini solar power plantOur solar panels for motor yachts can be installed on any surface without disturbing the geometry and appearance of your boat.

For owners of boats and motor yachtswe offer innovative solutions that will allow you to enjoy your vacation on the water to the fullestThe solar panels for motor yachts and boats presented in this section are specially designed for easy installationlongterm and economical use.

Our solutions are based on proven equipment that meets the highest quality standardsDon’t miss your chance to make the boat as comfortable as possible!

Solar panels for yachts The cost of electricity on a boat or yacht is very high. Especially if, while parking, the owner charges the batteries with an engine that has no external voltage regulator or DC-DC charger installed. In this case, any equipment that may produce electricity cheaper than the internal combustion engine becomes a cost-effective and quickly pays for itself.

Advantages of Solar Panels.

Inexhaustible, renewable and universally available energy source.
Environmental friendliness. Solar power plants are indeed among the most environmentally friendly types of electricity generation.
Efficiency – solar panels make it possible to save energy and, accordingly, money. After all, the sun’s rays are used to generate electricity, which are absolutely free.
Wear resistance and long service life. The warranty period is usually 25-30 years, but the photovoltaic power plant will not stop operating after this period. Wear is very slow, especially if there are no moving parts.
Simultaneous processing of solar energy into electrical energy.
Power generation not only in sunny but also cloudy weather.
Possibility of autonomy of the facility’s power supply system and independence from centralized power supply.
Simplicity, stability, reliability of the structure and its installation.

All full line of monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels, power range from 20W to 360W. online store offers only the best solutions.