Gala Atlantis RIBs with aluminum hulls are very popular around the world.

Gala Atlantis RIBs are all about comfort, speed and safety. These boats are a cross between an ordinary boats and a cruisers, offering a large cockpit area, reliability and ease of maintenance. They are versatile and can be used on any water. RIB Gala Atlantis boats with aluminum hulls are very popular around the world. A large yacht owners may look at Gala Atlantis boats as the perfect tenders, thanks to its practical features and lightweight. But we see Gala Atlantis, as a super fun family runabouts. A small, casual boats to get you and your family out on the water.

So what is unique about the Gala? While most inflatable RIBS have a fiberglass hull to support their tubes, the Gala hull is powder-coated aluminum. There are three tube chambers instead of just two, providing excellent support. There are reinforced transom brackets and a keel protector, for added life.

When you ride in most small inflatables, you get wet. All Gala Atlantis have special tabs that reduce spray for a remarkably dry ride. Any water that might enter the boat drains into a below-deck water collector leaving the cockpit dry for cruising.

Buyers are given a choice of VALMEX or HYPALON tubing material, both of which are superior to polypropylene which is the material used in the construction of most small inflatables.

Depending on what you need you can choose the lightest Gala Atlantis Light, the more advanced Gala Atlantis and Gala Atlantis and the most comfortable Gala Atlantis Deluxe.