LALIZAS Liferaft SOLAS OCEANO, Throw Over-board Type, 16 prs. Canister (A)

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Lalizas Oceano Liferafts ideal for use on board commercial vessels engaged on international voyages.

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Lalizas manufactures high quality safety equipment for commercial and personal use that meets international standards.   The Lalizas Solas Oceano liferaft is designed for successful and comfortable emergency rescue while sailing at any distance offshore. Lalizas Oceano Liferafts ideal for use on board commercial vessels engaged on international voyages. The online store officially represents Lalizas throughout the world and provides shipping companies with safety equipment.


• For use on board commercial vessels engaged on international voyages
• Equipment Packs: SOLAS Pack A or SOLAS Pack B
• Available Capacities: from 6 to 35 Persons
• Flat Canister option available (Capacities from 8 to 12 Persons)
• GRP Canister
• Durable Rubber Fabric
• Double Chambered Tubes
• Stowage Height up to 36m (Painter line up to 46m)
• Insulated Floor for low temperature conditions
• High Visibility Canopy with SOLAS reflective tapes
• Fully operational at temperatures from -300C up to +650C
• Global Service Stations Network
• Supplied with Deck Cradle in wooden box (79880-79882 are supplied in wooden box without deck cradle)


Code Max Persons Pack A B C D E
79872 16 A 1600mm 3330mm 3330mm 1285mm 670mm

Complete set:

Portable buoyant bailer ≤12 persons →1 pc >12 persons→2 pcs ≤12 persons →1 pc >12 persons→2 pcs
Sponge 2 2
Buoyant paddles 2 2
Whistle 1 1
Waterproof torch /separate battery /bulb 1 1
Signalling mirror 1 1
Anti-seasickness pills/per person 6 6
Seasickness bag/per person 1 1
Red hand flares 6 3
Red parachute flares 4 2
Repair kit 1 1
Bellow 1 1
First-aid kit 1 1
Orange Smoke Signals 2 1
Food ration/per person 10000kJ
Fresh water/per person 1,5L
Floating anchor with 30m rope 2 2
Tin opener 3
Fishing tackle 1 1
Radar reflector 1 1
Thermal protective aids 2 2
Drinking cup 1
Mooring Ring with 30m rope 1 1
Safety knife connected to the liferaft, buoyant, fixed blade, rounded tips ≤12 persons →1 pc >12 persons→2 pcs ≤12 persons →1 pc >12 persons→2 pcs
Operational manual 1 1
Survival at sea – Instruction Manual 1 1
Table of the life-saving signals 1 1
Log Book 1 1

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Liferaft SOLAS OCEANO Throw Over-board.pdf


Liferaft SOLAS OCEANO Instruction Manual.pdf


LALIZAS Liferaft OCEANO operational manual.pdf


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