Lalizas Sprayhood (ISO 12402-8) for Infl. LifeJackets ΙSO 12402-3

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LALIZAS Sprayhood is an additional accessory suitable for every adult inflatable
150N lifejacket. It is designed to fit over the head and cover the inflated
chamber; It makes the lifejacket visible due to its orange color and reduces the
amount of water spray on a person’s face. It’s equipped with ventilation holes
for easy breathing, SOLAS approved reflective tapes and it is very easy to use.

It is provided along with donning & storage instructions while in water sprayhood
assembly on Lalizas Lifejackets and sprayhood folding instructions.

Suitable for Sigma, Alpha, Kappa & Delta

Lalizas Speayhood model 72325 FTL 2878.pdf


Brochure Sprayhood. pdf


Lalizas Sprayhood ISO 12402-8 for Infl. LifeJackets ΙSO 12402-3.pdf


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