Rapidclear Epifanes, 750ml

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“Superior quality, semi-gloss wood finish based on modified alkyd/urethane resins and UV filters. It is the answer for a quick and easy alternative to conventional varnish, since it can provide excellent protection in all climates. For long term protection and enhancement of all interior and exterior marine and household woods above the waterline. Rapidclear provides an enhancing UV protecting film. It bonds extremely well to teak and other oily woods, preventing discoloration and emphasizes the natural grain of the wood. It can be used for renewing weathered areas, prior to a varnish or as a full system for those requiring a quick an easy semi-gloss finish with excellent breathing properties, flexibility, maximum durability, UV protection and longevity. Apply by brush, foam brush, roller or spray 3 to 4 coats. Three to four coats are sufficient to most conditions. Sanding between coats is not required. If top coated with varnish, sand with 220 grit dry abrasive paper. Easy touch up and maintenance.
Thinner: Brush application – Do not thin
Spray application – use the appropriate thinner
Recoatable: After 5-6 hours at 18 oC. (65 oF)
Coverage: 750ml is sufficient for 10sq.meters
Package: 750ml”

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