TYPE A clip-on A2 (Navy Blue)

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Type A clip-on boat fender is the first and unique solid fender, which clips on the guardrail, and is manufactured from Flexible Integral PU Skin Foam technology. It is a boat fender that cannot deflate. It offers the best shock absorption and lifetime performance among other boat fenders, providing exceptional protection.

It has impressive durability, as this fender cannot deflate no matter the pressure. It is always in place and ready to use in seconds, and it remains steady even with strong wind. There is no need for fender baskets or other inconvenient stowage and they don’t get in the way on the side decks.

It can be used for the protection of the boat both horizontally and vertically. The Type A clip-on solid fender has one through hole with nylon fiber reinforced bushes for easy and safe installation.

  • The first and unique clip-on fenders
  • Can be used both horizontally and vertically


CodeColorModelØ (Diam.)LengthWeight (kg)Boat LengthØ Guardrails
197747WhiteA11603801.5 kg20 ft20-26 mm
197748Navy BlueA11603801.5 kg20 ft20-26 mm
197749WhiteA22004602.5 kg33 ft20-28 mm
197750Navy BlueA22004602.5 kg33 ft20-28 mm
197751WhiteA32305303.8 kg43 ft25-30 mm



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