Buoys R Series 880×1120 (white)

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Ocean’s Classic Fenders is a series of superior quality boat fenders that offer excellent protection for any different boat. They’re made of Plastisol PVC with rotation moulding procedure. They are also UV resistant for their protection from sunlight.


They are one-piece made, which means that no parts are attached together to form the finalized fender, and have consistent wall thickness as well.


Series H are heavy duty boat fenders in which the rib-reinforced rock solid ropeholds in the two sides of the fender are made in such way, in order to provide extra strength and durability for the fender.A versatile fender for the most adverse conditions.  Suitable for any use and any kind of boat from 10- 50ft, the Ocean fenders “fends” proudly.


Inflation Pressure:

2.1 lbs / 0.15 bar at 68°F / 20°C



Plastisol PVC


Production Process: 

Single rotational moulding procedure


CodeColorModelDimensions A(diameter) x B(length) (mm)Eye-Diameter DVolume per product (lt)Buoyancy (kg)Weight (kg)Boat Size (ft/m)Fender Cover Code
71998 White


72006 RedR5680×90030179,12056,240-55/12-1749361
71999 White


72007 RedR6880×112038376400855-70/17-2149362



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